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Without Courtney, my wedding would not have been as spectacular and breathtaking. Have a plan of what you want but be willing to be flexible because Courtney knows what she is doing and her ideas were what I think helped make my wedding unique. She was always available and kept me calm when certain things had a last minute change. You will be doing yourself the biggest favor to have her own your side and you will have a new and wonderful friend. LOVE her and her work.

LAUREN - bride



I had the absolute best experience with Courtney as my lead coordinator!! She went above and beyond to make my life a little easier. I was able to enlist Courtney to design and assemble my welcome bags, assemble bridesmaids gifts, and even stuff wedding envelopes. Courtney also came to my last fitting to learn to bustle my dress. The entire day (and process) was perfect; I wouldn't change a thing. I could not have been more pleased with my experience.

HANNAH - bride


Courtney was AMAZING! She was extremely organized throughout the whole process in making sure I had all bases covered. She created an awesome wedding day timeline and managed my vendors seamlessly. It really allowed for me to have a wonderful stress free day with my friends and family. I would absolutely recommend Courtney to anyone getting married!

MICHELLE - bride


Courtney gave me tips along the way and exceeded my expectation. The service package doesn't include design (which is extra) she gave me design suggestions when I asked for her thoughts, real world examples from previous weddings and she even sent me a link to gold straws that I could buy for our cocktail hour. She even delivered my guest bags to the hotel and delivered my cake stand after the wedding. She understood my vision, attention to detail, and delivered and executed everything perfectly the day of my wedding. Courtney didn't have to ask me questions for any emergencies because she knew exactly what I wanted so I could enjoy the whole day. To me this is very important because I have heard stories from my bride friends where their planners bother them with questions that are not worth the 5 minutes. You should be enjoying every minute of your wedding. I had the best time ever and it wouldn't be if it wasn't for Courtney!

OLIVIA - bride


Courtney was absolutely amazing and an instrumental part of our wedding. It would not have been anything it was without her planning and expertise. She was super friendly, responsive, flexible, and knowledgeable which is all you need in a wedding coordinator! She even was able to calm all my anxiety about last minute things because I knew she had it all handled. I highly recommend Courtney, you will absolutely not be disappointed!

LINDSEY- bride

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